Calm the Chaos

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Calm the Chaos 90-Day Program


Your family deserves a fun-filled, healthy, happy home.

But ADHD, learning or behavior problems (or all 3!), can take a toll on the entire family.

Does this sound like your home?

It’s time – once again – for the dreaded morning before-school routine.

Bedrooms are a mess.

Chores are half-done (if they are done at all).

Homework is late.

Papers from school are tossed wherever.

That important paper you were supposed to sign? Yeah, that’s lost.

In a home with a child who has ADHD or learning or behavior problems, even the simplest routine, such as getting ready for school, can become an overwhelming task.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then it’s time to Calm the Chaos!

Calm the Chaos is my signature 90-day one-on-one coaching program that will teach you the three main pillars of health: what you put IN your body, what you put ON your body, and what you put AROUND your body.

I also give you tips and tricks for creating schedules, helping your child start homework and projects (so they’re completed on time – and not at 3A.M. the morning before they’re due!), and establishing strategies for better organization and time management.

Plus, Calm the Chaos includes my oh-so-popular Healthy Kids program – in its entirety!


• Not feeling stressed about potential behavior problems when taking your child shopping, to a party, or out to eat
• Struggle-free homework time
• Better grades
• Stress-free school mornings – because your child isn’t going to school with that lingering sense of dread
• A home full of healthy foods and products – that you didn’t have to find through long, grueling hours of study and research
• Having a ready-made shopping list in your purse to help you shop for the safest brands. No more guessing!
• Getting a more peaceful night’s sleep because you’ve taken control of your family’s health

If this sounds like a dream come true, then you’re in the right place!

Not only have I studied ADHD, learning disabilities, and the foods and products that affect them extensively, I’m also the mother of a child with ADHD and learning disabilities, so I’m in the trenches with you.

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What’s Included?

Your 90-Day Calm the Chaos program includes…

• Weekly 60-minute one-on-one calls by phone or Skype
• Full access to my Healthy Home, Healthy Kids program
• Unlimited email support for 3 months
• One-month free mastermind group coaching after your 90-day program is complete
• Recordings of all calls, so you can use them for future reference
• Weekly emails of what to expect during the coming week in our program
• Recaps of my recommendations, customized for YOU!
• Customized meal plans and shopping lists
• Shopping guides for safer brands to buy

Here’s what you can expect each month during your Calm the Chaos 90-Day Program:

Month 1: Stop Putting the Toxins IN You!

Nutrition Analysis – Find out if your child’s diet is lacking nutrients that play an important role in brain health

Nutrient Suggestions – Customized to the members of your family

Brain-boosting Recipes, Snack Ideas, Meal Plans, and Shopping Lists

Learn which foods you should avoid.

Get a list of safer brands you want to make sure to buy!

Month 2: Get Rid of the Toxins ON and AROUND You!

Learn which toxins you should avoid in your personal care, beauty, and cleaning products

Discover my strategy for fast label-reading to ensure that you don’t accidentally introduce hidden toxins into your family’s life

Get my DIY cleaning products recipe!

Learn which personal care, beauty, and cleaning products are safe for your family

Month 3: Calm the Chaos – Tips and Tricks for a Calmer Home

Did you know that there ARE positive sides to ADHD and learning disabilities? During Month 3, I will…

• Show you how to help your kids see the positives
• Give you unique time management tips and tricks that you can teach your children to help them feel a greater sense of control over their time, space, and schedule
• Teach you how to help your children develop their own schedules and systems to allow them to feel a sense of ownership in the areas of organization and punctuality
• Help you create a system for getting your child started – on homework, a paper, that dreaded project, or any other daunting task.

Your child will stop procrastinating once you model this system that makes even those challenging tasks seem more manageable.

What’s the investment?

You’ll – no doubt – agree that the results you’ll enjoy after your Calm the Chaos 90-Day program are absolutely priceless, so I know you’ll be thrilled when you learn that your investment for this program is so low.

You will get all of the above for just $325 per month for 3 months
You can pay in full and get 15% off, making your whole investment just $827

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Not sure if this is right for you? Schedule a free discovery call here!